Collaboration: Agreement On Methods And On What “Privacy“ Means

After 20 years of being friends and being familiar with each other’s work, Dr. Jaffe and I were able to use our particular strengths to help solve some thorny issues, without stepping on each other’s toes or working at cross purposes. We shared information and we innovated together because we had agreed on our methods and we understood the enormity of the need for absolute confidentiality.

What it Takes For a Family Business to Be Successful

business-successA successful family business must be poised to prosper for many generations to come. A quick list of necessary items needed to create a successful family business include: alignment on important matters, a shared vision for the company, a detailed action plan, a family constitution, a shareholder agreement, a responsible owner and an official employment policy.

Social Support – Your Greatest Asset in Family Business

Social InvestmentThe strength of social relationships and strong ties to their manager can distinguish the happiest employees from everyone else. Family business support can be the greatest asset of a family business. Workers who believe their supervisor cares about them as people are oftentimes more productive and more likely to stay with a company long-term.

Families Who Learn Together Stay (in Business) Together

A+One way to build relationships is for family members to learn together by attending conferences, workshops or classes. When multiple family members attend family business education classes together, they learn new skills and ideas and they can discuss those ideas with the rest of the family and determine how those ideas may be of use in their own situation.

The Glue that Holds Families & Businesses Together

Successful family business relationships are key to holding a family business together. Some of the qualities families in business must have to be successful include: shared values, shared power, traditions, willingness to learn and grow, activities to maintain relationships, genuine caring, mutual respect, ability to support each other, privacy and boundaries.

Well-Defined Interpersonal Boundaries – The 10th Key to Success in Family Business

business-successOne of the most important keys to family business success is having well-defined personal boundaries. Family members must resist getting caught in the middle of a conflict between other family members. It's possible to establish a boundary by knowing what to say, and how to say it - without getting caught in the middle.

Privacy – The 9th Key to Success in Family Business

business-successA successful family business is one that respects the privacy of the family members who work for the business. It's important to respect individual privacy as well as the privacy of each family unit in an extended family. By respecting the privacy of all family members, positive relationships can be maintained at work and at home.

Assisting & Supporting One Another – The 8th Key to Success in Family Business

business-successAssisting and supporting family members are two keys that promote a successful family business. Support comes in many forms, and it is imperative - especially when a family member is experiencing grief, loss, pain or shame. Support is important even if one family member does not agree with the decisions another family member makes.

Mutual Respect – The 7th Key to Success in Family Business

business-successThe most successful family businesses are those whose members always do their best to show mutual respect for all members of the family. Mutual respect is built on the trust that comes from knowing that one family member can depend on other family members. Without mutual respect, it can be extremely difficult to run a successful family business together.

Genuine Caring – The 6th Key to Success in Family Business

business-successWhen family members genuinely care about each other and are able to openly express feelings of concern for other family members, family business success is possible. To promote a feeling of genuine caring, it's important to give undivided attention to other family members. Relationships built on this premise are valuable for everyone involved.

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