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Positive Psychology in Family Business

Positive psychology in family business helps create a situation in which family members are happy to be at work, family relationships are improved and the family business can reach an unimaginable level of success. Positive psychology is powerful and can have a direct impact on the accomplishments of a family business.

Family Business can be Transformed Through Positive Psychology

A struggling family business can be completely transformed through the influence of positive psychology.

A commitment to voicing positive comments in the work place is essential. There is evidence to confirm this statement. Research by Barbara Frederickson, Ph.D., identified in The Tipping Point, “For every one critical comment in the work place there must be three positive comments for the one to be heard and to be effective.“

By utilizing positive psychology in the family business work place, it can become easier to produce a positive outcome.

Positive Psychology in Family Business

There are several typical results of positive psychology in family business including:

  • The creation of a positive work environment
  • Disagreements become less frequent and easier to resolve when they do arise
  • Family members working for the business display an improved and optimistic attitude
  • Family members are more likely to volunteer for projects and assignments
  • Individuals strive to work for the family business instead of resisting the idea

Building Positive Working Relationships

Encouraging the development of positive relationships at work is a key component of positive psychology. A family business has an excellent opportunity to promote work place satisfaction when positive psychology techniques are enacted.

To foster good working relationships, family members in business should:

  • Be enthusiastic when another family member is successful
  • Proactively introduce all new employees to all members of the family business
  • Always treat others with respect and always make eye contact when talking to others — especially during business meetings
  • Be a good listener
  • Use good manners and common courtesy
  • Always express gratitude to family members and everyone working for the family business

Making Your Family Business a Positive Place

Happy workers are more productive workers. Its as simple as that. Making your family business a positive place to work is of the utmost importance. Happiness not only influences how a person feels about life in general, but it affects how well a person performs at work. The key to success of a family business can lie in how well family members treat each other both at work and at home. By taking a positive approach in the work place, any family business can be transformed into a highly successful organization.

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