Family Business Books

Building on his 40+ years of experience helping family businesses succeed, renowned family business consultant David Bork has authored 5 books to share his wisdom about working and thriving in the complex and rewarding world of family business. Learn more about these important resources and how to purchase them.


The Little Red Book of Family Business

David Bork’s newest book is a pocket-sized book of wisdom about working and thriving in the complex and rewarding world of family business. The tips and advice contained within were culled from Bork’s 40+ years of experience working as a family business counselor. This easy-to-read book contains ideas that are to-the-point, insightful and sometimes humorous. The book briefly highlights 27 topics, including boundaries, competence, competition in the family, being rich, sibling relationships, spouses and more. A little book of expert advice, the “Little Red Book of Family Business“ is a must read for family businesses that wish to grow and thrive.


Family Business, Risky Business – How to Make it Work

Written by David Bork, this book deals with the Bowen Family Systems theories and their application in family business. One can craft an elegant business solution to challenging family business problems, but the keys to implementation are always locked up in the family psychology. Understanding family systems theory gives the reader access to those keys, making it possible to implement your solution. Readers will find the information readily accessible. Adapting and skillfully applying Bowen’s theories is one of the elements that sets Bork apart from other family business consultants.


Working With Family Business: A Guide for Professionals

This is the first book of its kind, written specifically to assist advisors who are not from the behavioral sciences to understand and work with the complex dynamics of families in business. In simple, straightforward language it “coaches“ professionals on how best to approach issues and situations frequently found in family owned businesses. The book was co-authored by several family business professionals, including David Bork.


Family Business Consultation:: A Global Perspective

This book is a treasure trove of ideas on how to improve the way family businesses operate and enhance their success. Bork contributed to two chapters in this book, which contains sections written by many family business professionals about their work with family businesses around the globe.