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Family Business Network

With decades of experience helping family businesses across the world, Family Business Matters recommends The International Family Business Network to family businesses of all types. The Family Business Network is a non-profit organization that has a mission of connecting, supporting and serving families in business for generations to come.

Family Business Network helps family businesses strengthen their success, grow, prosper and succeed. Started in 1989, Family Business Network has more than 8,000 individual members and close to 3,000 family business members. Membership spans almost 60 countries around the world.

Family Business Matters often refers individuals as well as entire family businesses to Family Business Network because the organization provides a valuable and constructive service to its members.

The Family Business Network inspires and assists family businesses with:

  • Sharing of knowledge across a worldwide network of family businesses
  • Support for upcoming generations of family business owners
  • Promotion of peer-to-peer learning opportunities
  • Research related to family businesses

Running a family business is a challenging task that requires a unique set of skills. Because family business owners can greatly benefit from the shared experiences of other family business owners, Family Business Network provides an invaluable service. A membership in Family Business Network allows family business owners to learn from other family business owners, which can lead to gaining a competitive edge in the marketplace.

The Family Business Network’s Value Proposition

Family Business Network provides the opportunity to build better families and businesses through international exchange of ideas, cultures and practices. They achieve this through conferences, online exchanges and informal interactions plus communication initiatives worldwide.

Events Hosted by The Family Business Network:

Family Business Network hosts several regional events around the world throughout the year. One of their most high profile events is the International Summit, which is a venue for family business owners to learn valuable information related to family business best practices and also provides guidance to family business owners on how to effectively prepare for the future.

Future events are listed on the Family Business Network website under Coming Events. Members of Family Business Network may click on each listed event for more information.

Does Your Family Business Need Help?

Family Business Matters has extensive experience assisting family businesses and supports and promotes the services provided by the Family Business Network. With many decades of experience, we understand the wide variety of challenges that families face as they work together to build, grow and sustain a thriving family business generation after generation. Through conferences, continuing education programs, family business retreats, speaking engagements and private family business consulting services, Family Business Matters has assisted more than 450 family-owned businesses around the world chart their way through family business issues of all shapes and sizes.

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