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David Bork of Family Business Matters is an original pioneer in the field of family business consulting and is among the world’s leaders in counseling family businesses. Since 1968, he has assisted over 500 families in charting their way through every imaginable family business issue.

Working as a consultant for businesses, one of David Bork’s first clients was actually a family business. He used organizational theory to help this client, but discovered he was at a loss for solutions when intimate, long-term family relationships were at play in the business. When he searched for an organized body of knowledge to explain these intricate issues, he realized that one didn’t exist. Over the next six years, he consulted with a variety of experts to create a theoretical base for his work, resulting in an effective system for family businesses.

David Bork has guided families from around the world in dealing with virtually every kind of challenge — expansion, succession, governance structures, death of the founder, complexities of wealth and managing the interface between the family and the business entity. He’s had a profound, positive impact on his clients as you can read on our Testimonials Page.

David Bork is a proponent of the Family Systems Approach to family business and pioneered the integration of Family Systems Theory with sound business practice. Bork’s profile of the families who practice constructive behaviors — who remain “positively connected” and successful in business — has been researched and validated by objective, university-based studies. He encourages clients to take the long view in their business planning, a strategy that has served them very well over the years.

Family Business Matters is an extension of that success. Today, Family Business Matters incorporates other Family Business Matters Associates that assist with delivery of family business consulting services to family businesses worldwide. We’ve put the family business succession principals we teach to our clients to work in our own company. Younger in age, our Family Business Matters Associates are able to bond with millenial aged family members to assure continuity in working with your family for years to come.

David Bork - Family Business Consultant, Coach, & Author

David Bork


Family Business Matters Consultant

Email: bork@fambizmatters.com | Phone: 970-948-5077

David Bork is an international family business consultant with many decades of experience providing guidance and support to family businesses. With a wealth of knowledge and insight into the many challenges associated with running a family business, David Bork provides assistance to family businesses with strategic planning and practical advice. He also offers guidance on the necessary steps a family business must take to ensure growth, success and wealth. David Bork is an author. His book, The Little Red Book of Family Business, is a pocket-sized text that offers many of David Bork’s words of wisdom that touch on several of the most common trials and tribulations typically experienced by family businesses of all types and sizes. He is a presenter at many conferences, continuing education programs, business retreats and university courses around the world.

Sam Maldonado

Sam Maldonado

Family Business Matters Associate

Email: sam@fambizmatters.com | Phone: +49 1516-731-4874

Sam Maldonado is a 4th generation member of a large family business in Venezuela. Due to the difficult political and economic circumstances in Venezuela his family decided to sell their core family business and are pursuing new projects with a family office based in Miami, Florida. He has been a member of the Family Business Network’s Next Generation Committee and is currently its acting President. He sees his future in helping families prepare for the challenges of family business.

Velitchka Hristova

Velitchka Hristova

Partner, Family Business Matters Consulting

Email: velitchka@fambizmatters.com | Phone: +43 664-969-5309

Velitchka Hristova is a Senior Banker and Director at Bank Gutmann AG with over 20 years of private banking and business development experience in Central and Eastern Europe, Southeastern Europe, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States. In her capacity as Financial Advisor and Relationship Manager, Velitchka Hristova has worked extensively with first generation family business owners and entrepreneurs.

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Family Business Matters has extensive experience assisting family businesses. With many decades of experience, we understand the wide variety of challenges that families face as they work together to build, grow and sustain a thriving family business generation after generation. Through conferences, continuing education programs, family business retreats, speaking engagements and private family business consulting services, Family Business Matters has assisted more than 500 family-owned businesses around the world chart their way through family business issues of all shapes and sizes.

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