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Will Bledsoe Ph.D.

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Will Bledsoe is the founder of Restorative Way, LLC. He has been called a “ground-breaking pioneer” with his advancement of the restorative method of communication and conflict resolution.

Working with individuals, couples, families, schools, organizations and justice system professionals, Will Bledsoe has been helping people transform conflict into cooperation for sixteen years. In addition to his private conflict resolution practice, Will has been a teacher, researcher, conflict coach, consultant, trainer and restorative program developer.

Using the Restorative Way 5-Step Process, Will Bledsoe facilitates conferences to enable comprehensive accountability and repair between participants. As a consultant, Will is especially committed to helping schools build a relationship-centered culture by implementing restorative communication practices. Restorative Way’s training program is designed to prepare future facilitators with the necessary education, practice, and skill refinement to conduct restorative conferences and guide participants to relationship repair, reconciliation and healing.

Prior to founding Restorative Way, Will Bledsoe was Lead Facilitator at the Longmont Community Justice Partnership, where he a Restorative Justice Conference Facilitator for misdemeanor and felony criminal violations. As a lecturer at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Will Bledsoe taught courses in conflict management, peace and conflict studies, Native American religious traditions, research writing, social movements and communication. Will Bledsoe also served as Program Advisor at the University of Colorado Restorative Justice Program.

As Restorative Justice Program Director at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Will Bledsoe helped expand the caseload from 12 cases per year to over 400 and trained a corps of 30 facilitators. The University of Colorado Restorative Justice subsequently became nationally recognized as an exemplary university restorative justice program.

In 2011, Will Bledsoe testified in front of the Colorado State House of Representatives in support of legislation formalizing the practice of restorative mediation in civil cases. He was also a keynote speaker at the Boulder County Community Practice Project in 2012 and was charged with unifying correctional and clinical practices for mental health patients. In 2008, Will Bledsoe was nominated for the Community Service Leadership Award by University of Colorado’s Institute for Ethical Civic Engagement.

Will Bledsoe has a Ph.D. in Communication from the University of Colorado at Boulder, a Master’s Degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder and an undergraduate degree in English from California State University-Northridge.

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