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Tom Pyles

Family Business Matters Consultant

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Tom Pyles is an Executive Coach and fitness trainer who works with organizations and clients to build physical, spiritual and emotional fitness and to reach their highest individual and professional potential.

With a Master’s Degree in Performance Psychology and an undergraduate degree in Business, Tom’s 25-year career includes the food, sport and health industries. In private practice for 10 years as a fitness and life coach, Tom Pyles has logged thousands of hours coaching and challenging individuals and companies toward peak performance.

Tom Pyles is a Principal at Aspen Consulting Team, which helps individuals, couples and families gain greater insight into the relational and professional dynamics in their lives.

Tom Pyles is co-author of MAPS for Men: A Guide for Fathers and Sons and Family Businesses. The concepts in the book help fathers and sons reframe their relationship into more meaningful goals, rather than repeating generational patterns.

Founder of FLEX Training, LLC, Tom Pyles is a competitive athlete and Level 1 CrossFit trainer. In his early forties he competed in five marathons within one calendar year, winning his age group and qualifying for the Boston Marathon. Over the past decade, Tom Pyles was the top-ranked Colorado tennis player in two amateur divisions and finished the 170-mile Outward Bound Relay Race over the Rocky Mountains four times. The day he turned fifty, he ran fifty miles.

Tom Pyles is a member of Institute of Coaching Professional Association, International Society for Coaching Psychology and Corporate Health and Wellness Association.

Tom and his wife, Linda, an Academic All-American, live in Denver, CO and have three daughters.

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