business-successSo, Who’s Gonna Run Your Family Business?

The answer to this question for many family business owners is, “I am!“ They think they will live forever; and that the business will prosper and continue to put unlimited cash into the pockets of family members. Oh, that such a thing would happen, but the reality is, it doesn’t work that way.

The best answer to this question is grounded in sound business practice. No business will be successful if the leadership is not competent.

In family owned businesses, the matter is complicated by the fact that the premises in the family and in the business are not the same. Because the foundation for acceptance in the family is different from the business, there is a fundamental “disconnect“ between the two systems that many people do not recognize.

The premise of the family is to raise responsible adults who have high self-esteem and can function independently in this world. Love and acceptance in the family should be unconditional. The premise of business is to earn profits and compound the value of the total asset pool. Acceptance in the business is conditional, based on competence and the ability to perform in a professional manner.

Families who don’t understand these differences will use the business to complete the family task. Families who confuse these tasks create huge problems for themselves and others.

Thus, it is necessary to establish “Rules of Engagement,“ a policy for how family members will be permitted to participate in the family business. This often manifests itself in the form of a Family Business Employment Policy. This will be the subject of my next several posts.

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