I’m excited to report that The Little Red Book of Family Business has been translated to Turkish and published in Istanbul. The Little Red Book, my most recent book, is a compilation of quickly digestible ideas and tidbits about working and thriving in the complex world of family business.

Mustafa Koç of Koç Holdings, a good friend and one of my Turkish clients, was the impetus behind The Little Red Book of Family Business. The fact that Mustafa encouraged me to write this book makes its publication in Turkish that much more apropos.

I’ve worked with more than a dozen clients in Turkey since the 1980s. In fact, many of the tips included in my book came from lessons learned while working with Turkish families over the years!

The best run family businesses have a set of ground rules that define expectations for how family members will function in the business. This book summarizes many of these rules, and is divided into 28 alphabetized sections, from “Attitude” to “Wills, Testaments, Bequests”.

Many interesting people and fascinating challenges have come my way on the more than 200 trips I’ve made to Istanbul over 20-plus years of working with Turkish families. My clients tell me that I make a difference as a result of my work, and that is very rewarding.

The Turkish version of The Little Red Book of Family Business is available from Turkish bookstore chain D&R Books.  The English version can be purchased through Amazon.

Thank you to Rauf AteÅŸ, editor of the Turkish business publication Capital Magazine, who advocated publishing the book in Turkish. I write a monthly column about family business for Capital Magazine. Those columns can be read (in English) here.

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