Family Employment Policies — Compensation

business-successFamily business compensation is something that should be addressed within a family business's employment policies. Family members must understand that they will be paid fairly, at fair market rate, for the position they hold. This avoids a family member from obtaining an inflated view of their contribution to the family business.

Family Employment Policies — Entry into the Business

business-successA family employment policy should address what is necessary for a family member to enter into the business. Following specific pre-determined guidelines will help a business hire competent employee who will make a positive contribution to the business. It's important to remember that a job in the family business is not a birthright.

Family Employment Policies — Rules of Engagement

business-successEvery family business should establish a set of family business rules. These rules of engagement should encompass a policy that states how family members will be allowed to participate in the family business. The purpose of family business rules is to guide the business, and it's important to develop a written employment policy long before it is needed.