business-successKikkoman, makers of soy sauce, was founded in 1603 by the Mogo and Takanashi family. Looking back 406 years one can only say, “Wow!” If you look forward, it is another picture. What if you look forward to what lies ahead in your family business? One family adopted the following mission statement: “We will be a strong economic force in our country for 100 years.” What would you have to do in your family business to be around for 10 years? For 100 years? Start now…

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Family Business Matters has extensive experience assisting family businesses. With many decades of experience, we understand the wide variety of challenges that families face as they work together to build, grow and sustain a thriving family business generation after generation. Through conferences, continuing education programs, family business retreats, speaking engagements and private family business consulting services, Family Business Matters has assisted more than 450 family-owned businesses around the world chart their way through family business issues of all shapes and sizes.

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