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“The Bork Processâ„¢“

About “The Bork Process” Workshop

David Bork and the Family Business Matters Consulting Team, together with the GEM Family Office, are proud to offer a unique workshop on The Bork Processâ„¢. This program is the product of David’s accumulated wisdom from 50 years of expertise working with over 450 family businesses all over the world.

The Bork Processâ„¢ is grounded in the Four Pillars of Family Business: Alignment, Boundaries, Communication and Competency. These pillars are imperative for a resilient family business, affecting organizational health, management function, and personal performance.

This  2-day workshop is intended to be a deep dive into some of the BEST international family business practices. The Bork Process Team strives to teach each person in the family, and company, to understand and use essential core skills for increasing organizational health and performance. This stellar, cutting-edge seminar is recommended for:

  • Family members working in their family’s office.
  • Family members whose families have family offices.
  • Non-family executives in family offices.

Workshop Details

Dates: April 12-13, 2018
Venue: Dorissa Building, Miami Biennale Space, 2751 N Miami Ave., Miami, FL 33127
Deadline: RSVP before April 2, 2018 to Samuel Maldonado, Family Business Matters Associate,
Pricing: We are offering this unique and transformational experience at the special price of:

  • $400.00 for individual participants
  • $350.00 per person, if 2 or more members of the same family participate together

We want to encourage the participation of several members of the same family in this workshop in order to create an open dialogue and stimulate the exchange of ideas about the FB challenges. Participation of multiple family members will increase the impact this workshop can have on your family and business, and improve the possibility for implementation within your Family Business.

Workshop Program

Thursday, April 12

9:00 — 9:15 am Registration, Coffee
9:15 — 9:30 am Welcome by Maldonado Family Member
Participant Introductions — Who Is Here?
9:30 — 9:45 am “Nothing Happens by Accident“
How this program came into being.
Sam Maldonado, Former President, FBN Next Generation Int’l
9:45 — Noon “The Four Pillars of Family Business“
How the study of Positive Psychology led to “A New Lens on Family Business“
David Bork, Founder, Family Business Matters
Noon — 1:15 pm Buffet Lunch on preBmises (randomly assigned tables)
1:15 — 3:45 pm “Restorative CommunicationTM“
All success in family business is embedded in relationship and communication. We know this is so but finally we have Restorative Communication, a way that acknowledges this connection and produces stellar results.
William Bledsoe, PhD, Family Business Matters Associate, Founder of Restorative Way, LLC.
Tom Pyles, MA, Family Business Matters Associate
3:45 — 5:00 pm “What is becoming clear?“
Participant discussion of Restorative Communication and how the use of it can be optimized in your home setting.
5:00 — 5:30 pm Break
5:30 — 7:30 pm Light Buffet Supper (Questions distributed for discussion)
7:30 pm Report out on discussions, followed by closing
Bork Consultant Team will remain available for further discussion

Friday, April 13

8:30 — 9:00 am Coffee and pastry
9:00 — 11:00 am “Alignment“
Alignment creates a parallel process that overcomes complacency, increases organizational harmony, and promotes profitability. David Bork, Founder, Family Business Matters Edgell Pyles, PhD, Principal, Family Business Matters
11:00 — 11:10 am Break
11:10 — 12:15 pm “Boundaries“
Clear boundaries guide the ways through which family members interface with business operations, handle governance, and deal respectfully with one another. Edgell Pyles, PhD, Principal, Family Business Matters Tom Pyles, MA, Family Business Matters Associate
12:15 — 1:00 pm Buffet lunch Lunch Discussion Topics about Boundaries
1:00 — 2:00 pm “Boundaries“ continued
2:00 — 3:30 pm “Competency“
Competency is a mind-set that begins in childhood and must be cultivated throughout one’s life. Here we will develop the correlation with how what we learn in our families of origin, influences us throughout our lives. David Bork, Founder, Family Business Matters
3:30 — 4:00 pm “Implementing the Bork Process when you get home“
Family Business Matters Consulting Team
4:00 — 4:30 pm Closing and Adjournment

Each attendee will receive a complimentary Handout package:

  • Golden Goose Family Employment Policy
  • 10 Qualities of Successful Families
  • Family Business, Risky Business
  • Little Red Book of Family Business

We want to keep the workshop atmosphere intimate, therefore we have limited space available. Please RSVP to Samuel Maldonado, Family Business Matters Associate, sam@fambizmatters.combefore the April 2nd deadline.

Following receipt of your RSVP holding space, you will receive a registration form to complete. The registration document will provide payment options.

The location of the workshop is:

Dorissa Building, Miami Biennale Space
2751 N Miami Ave.,
Miami, FL 33127

Thank you… and we look forward to seeing you there!