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Edgell Pyles

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Edgell Pyles has been consulting with legacy families and family firms for over 45 years as a pastor, educator and psychologist in private practice. He has worked with corporate executives and family business leaders in Turkey and across the United States to help manage the psychological dynamics and strategies related to succession and interpersonal relationships.

Edgell Pyles is a founder of Aspen Consulting Team, LLC and holds degrees in economics, theology and psychology. At Union Theological Seminary, where he was a Bridges’ Scholar, he received a Master’s Degree in Divinity. He also earned a Clinical Diploma in Pastoral Psychotherapy and a Ph.D. in Psychology.

Ordained into the ministry of the Presbyterian Church in 1969, Edgell Pyles retired as Senior Pastor of Snowmass Chapel in 2009. Following his retirement, Edgell founded Aspen Consulting Team, LLC, which counsels individuals, couples and families to gain greater insight into the relational and professional dynamics in their lives.

A national and international lecturer on the relationship between fathers and sons, Edgell Pyles is the author of three books, including MAPS for Men: A Guide for Fathers and Sons and Family Businesses, authored with his oldest son, Tom Pyles. Praised as “one of the most comprehensive guides to families in business,” MAPs for Men discusses the transition of wealth in entrepreneurial families and helps fathers and sons better understand their personal and professional relationship.

After winning two world championships showing cutting and reined cow horses and competing in rodeos for many years, Edgell Pyles co-authored RIDE UP, Live Your Adventure, a book on personal and professional life skills using horsemanship analogies. Edgell Pyles also authored A Model for the Clinical Training of Pastoral Counselors, a textbook for training ministers in the field of psychology.

Edgell Pyles is a Fellow at the American Association of Pastoral Counselors and Institute of Coaching Professional Association and a member of the Family Firm Institute, Inc.

He and his wife, Marty, an attorney and Managing Director at Rocky Mountain Institute, have two adult sons and live on a ranch in the Roaring Fork Valley in Carbondale, Colorado.

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