David Bork Writes Forward for MAPS for Men BookDavid Bork is proud to have contributed the forward for the book, MAPS for Men: A Guide for Fathers and Sons and Family Businesses.

New York Times best-selling author and nationally syndicated radio show host Dave Ramsey calls this important book “a must-have resource for any and every family business.”

In his forward for MAPS for Men, David Bork, founder and CEO of Family Business Matters, writes: “These concepts help fathers and sons reframe their relationship into something that is more meaningful and helpful in meeting their goals, rather than repeating generational patterns.“

David recommends this book to fathers and sons seeking to better understand their personal and professional relationship.

Full text of MAPS for Men Forward by David Bork

In the interest of full disclosure, Edgell Franklin Pyles has been a good friend for more than twenty-five years, and we share a large community of interests. In the early 90s, we explored together the works of Robert Moore, James Millman, Robert Bly, and others. I met both Robert Moore and Robert Bly at a retreat in Aspen, Colorado, organized and sponsored by Edgell.

This was called the men’s movement, and we were excited about it because it sought to further define what it meant to be a man at the end of the twentieth century. It was grounded in Jungian psychology, and while well researched and articulated, it could be theoretical and esoteric. Our explorations of this work produced a practical approach and we have been on parallel, but different, paths.

We were interested in understanding the dynamics that take place between fathers and sons at both the personal and professional level. Our first step was to comprehend and appreciate the relationship we had with our respective fathers at a deeper level. These good men were grounded in a totally different era and did their best—for that, we give thanks. But what we wanted was a more genuine and potent relationship with our adult sons.

Edgell and Tom have created MAPS for Men as another step in that process. As a father-son consulting team to executives and family-business leaders, they bring a unique perspective to this work. Edgell is a master at digesting complex matters and conveying them in a clear, concise manner…often using some kind of acronym that helps these principles work in real life situations. Tom is very pragmatic and focused on action and results. Using their concepts has had a powerful and positive impact on my relationship with my adult son and has increased my personal understanding of the male relationships in my family, which now span four generations.

Further, I have had the privilege of using some of the “maps“ with men in my consultation work with family businesses. These concepts help fathers and sons reframe their relationship into something that is more meaningful and helpful in meeting their goals, rather than repeating generational patterns.

Men who resolve poor dynamics and develop mature relationships with their fathers are better fathers to their children, in and out of the family business.

It has been a privilege to work side-by-side with Edgell as we help men operate in the complex arena of family-business relationships. This book is a toolbox full of ideas for improving their interactions and handling complex issues. Many men have found these concepts and techniques insightful and invaluable.

David Bork
Founder and CEO, Family Business Matters
Author, Family Business, Risky Business: How to Make It Work and The Little Red Book of Family Business
Coauthor, Working with Family Businesses: A Guide for Professionals

About MAPS for Men

MAPS for Men, written by a father-son team, is a guide for fathers and sons as they create, manage, and preserve value in a family business. The father-son relationship follows predictable, evolutionary life cycles that can either produce significant advantage or create extensive discord. The authors apply psychological and theological models to interpersonal and economic activity. The organizing principle is that a positive relationship between a father and son will have a multiplying effect on the family, business, and community.

Fathers and sons need a psychological strategy for addressing their interactions, maintaining balance in their personal and professional roles, and overcoming emotional and economic challenges during intense situations. MAPS is a guide for these times.

The tools in MAPS will help fathers and sons grow a family business, share authority, and pursue long-term cohesion and profitability. If fathers and sons can address and appreciate their differences, create a strategy for handling difficult situations, and commit to a shared vision, this will have a reciprocal benefit for family members, and company employees and customers. The transfer of family wealth has always been problematic, and the primary reasons for failure are psychological. Distrust and miscommunication are high psychological taxes on a family system and business and are emotional hazards for fathers and sons managing the business of being a family business. When trust and communication break down, the expense of doing business goes up.

Much creative and constructive effort can be directed at crafting sophisticated trust documents, elegant business plans, and family constitutions, but the keys to implementation are locked up in the family psychology. The unresolved interpersonal issues between a father and son can rain down heartbreak on the most successful family business. The goal of MAPS is to help fathers and sons navigate these specific challenges.

About the Authors

As a pastoral psychologist, Edgell Franklin Pyles has lectured internationally on father—son relationships. He consults with family business leaders concerning the psychological dynamics and strategies in a family business, especially succession. Edgell is a Fellow at the American Association of Pastoral Counselors and Institute of Coaching Professional Association and a member of the Family Firm Institute, Inc.

With an undergraduate degree in Business and a Master’s in Psychology, Thomas Edward Pyles is an executive coach and fitness trainer. He works with health and sport organizations as well as individual clients. Tom is a member of the Institute of Coaching Professional Association, International Society for Coaching Psychology, and Corporate Health and Wellness Association.

Praise for MAPS for Men

MAPS for Men is a must-have resource for any and every family business.”
Dave Ramsey, New York Times best-selling author and nationally syndicated radio show host

MAPS for Men is a wonderful book full of superb insight and information.”
Paul Schorr, III, Past President, Chief Executives Organization

“I read MAPS for Men today, I should say that I devoured it — very interesting and helpful model for all of life.”
Paul Schorr, IV, (Chip) Founder & Chairman, Augusta Columbia Capital

MAPS for Men is a gift to all fathers and sons.”
James (Jay) E. Hughes, Jr., Author: Family Wealth: Keeping It in the Family

MAPS for Men is one of the most comprehensive guides to families in business that I have ever seen.”
Charles S. Luck, IV, CEO, Luck Companies Founder, InnerWill

“The transition of wealth concepts described in MAPS are immensely dynamic, relevant, and applicable!! It is a must read for all entrepreneurs!”
Cordia Harrington, Founder & CEO, The Tennessee Bun Company

“What a wonderful piece of work. I found each chapter and the whole book incredibly meaningful.”
Dennis Jaffe, PhD, Author: Working With the Ones You Love: Creating A Successful Family Business
Stewardship in Your Family Enterprise
Past President, Association of Humanistic Psychology

“The guidelines in MAPS will bear fruit for many years and generations to come.”
David Hardie, Founder and CEO, Hallador Management, LLC

“Edgell and Thomas have created a book that will impact families for generations.”
Dennis Passis, President, Family Wealth Library

MAPS is truly a masterpiece!”
Jim Chaffin, President, Chaffin Light Management Company
Past Chairman, Urban Land Institute
Past Member, Board of Managers, University of Virginia

“If you are a woman who wants to understand men better, MAPS is all you need to know!”
Morgan Wandell, Head of Drama Series, Amazon Studios