Mt. SoprisI live in the lovely town of Carbondale, Colorado, watched over by beautiful Mt. Sopris.  Standing at 12,953 feet, Mt. Sopris is visible from just about anywhere in town, and is the unofficial symbol of Carbondale.

Last year, I had the idea to create a garden out of a large patch of weeds in a spot that offers a beautiful vantage of Mt. Sopris.  The garden is dedicated to the memory of my father, and is also a gift to the community, for anyone to enjoy. This video shows the garden and beautiful surrounding views.

My father was a gentle, patient and understanding man.  He loved the out-of-doors and was an extraordinary hunter and fisherman.  A keen shot –  whether ducks, geese, grouse or deer – he taught me stalking in the woods.  He also enjoyed gardening.  While not educated in horticulture, he knew the botanical names of all the trees and would refer to them in that way.  There is never a time when I work in a garden that I don't think about my father.  It offers me a connection to him.

Family is so important to me, and this garden is a way of honoring my roots.

The garden is located on Dolores Way in front of  The Paint Store.  I proposed the project to the owner of the store in 2012, he agreed, and the plants were installed that June, allowing for creation of what I hope is a special community spot.  Anyone is welcome to spend time on the garden’s red bench, contemplating the beauty of Mt. Sopris.

It’s coming along well. I do much of the garden maintenance myself, and if I’m on my bike and see an errant weed, it isn't safe!  Please enjoy this video of the garden. And I hope you’ll stop by for some tranquil bench time!

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